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Natsi's proposition.
Natsi kidnapps the Viscounts daughter Lilith in order to gain power over the C.C.A. but not if Mace and Bast have anything to say about it.
DreamKeepers OC Chaz Norahm/ Natsi.
Chaz Norahm spent his life idolizing the C.C.A. until he went nuts over his boyfriends death by the nightmares he was brainwashed into believing didn't exist. He is unpredictable, violent, and immune to poisons. If found report to your local C.C.A. office immediately.

DreamKeepers belongs to Dave and Liz lillie.
Otto and Mr. Lipton commission.
Otto is a crossdressing witch with the ability to talk to animals. He is never seen without his friend, a Fennec Fox named Mr. Lipton. The artist did a wonderful job on these two, I love how adorable they came out Chibi style.

Art by
DreamKeepers OC Natsi (Weaponry)
The RC-88 ScatVol or "Scatter Volley" Springer is a 4-barrel shotgun equipt with x4, 5 round magazines. Designed to hold riot shield or club in one hand and gun in the other. It was discarded by the C.C.A. after for very good reasons it earned its nickname "The shoulder buster."

Xm-23 (Explossive mist) Gas Grenades were highly dangerous, as it exploded gas everywhere vs it misting like many other gas grenades. If dropped or not thrown far enough, it didn't give troopers the chance to get out of the killzone.

The trench flail was originally designed so soldiers who were out of ammo could swing the flail from the trenches at enemies. It was later used by mounted patrols for its long chain, but was later was ultimately discarded as it was too likely to hit a fellow soldier when swinging it around.

Natsi is the my OC

And DreamKeepers belongs to Dave and Liz Lillie.



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